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Our experienced team of skilled professionals provide expert care and advice on cases involving car accident injuries, motorcycle accident injuries, trucking accident claims, injuries from dangerous drugs and products, slip and fall accidents, insurance disputes, medical malpractice lawsuits and other related personal injury cases in and around Billings, Montana.


Step 1 - Research your case:

Step 2 - Prepare to discuss your case with an attorney:

  • Make a list of questions you might have.
  • Gather information for your case review, such as:

    • A written account of what happened in your instance.
    • Photos you might have taken.
    • Copies of any documents the police or insurance companies may have sent.
    • Any witnesses statements and/or contact information.
    • Any other information that you feel might be of interest to your attorney.

Step 3 - Contact us for a free review of your Montana personal injury case:

Mr. Neuhardt will review your documents, answer your questions and advise you on the chances of winning your case.

That's it! Follow these simple steps and you'll be well on your way to receiving the fair settlement you deserve!

Types of personal injury cases

Learn more about the different kinds of personal injury cases the Neuhardt Law Firm specializes in below:

Trucking Accidents

It is unfair. A commercial semi truck or tractor trailer is many times larger and heavier than a car. When these two vehicles collide, the car loses - every time.

You might already have heard of some of the practies trucking companies and insurance companies use to try to shrug off thier legal responsibilities. But even if the commercial truck driver is only somewhat to blame, you might still have a valid claim.

Read more about semi truck accidents.

Automobile Accidents

Why do we need auto accident attorneys? The paperwork, the insurance company and their quick settlment offers, the counter offers, the phone calls and the sheer amount of frustration that comes with a car or truck accident law suit. Add to that the loss of income an medical bills and the concern about trust concerning your insurance agent, and it can become quite a task to tackle on your own.

Car accidents happen every day but until it happens to us or a loved one, we never really think about how much an accident can disrupt a family's life.

More about automobile accidents.

Insurance Disputes

When an insurance company unreasonably denies or delays payments on valid claims, they have failed to meet their obligations. The practice only adds to the misery and tragedy of the original claim.

Unfortunately, the behavior is fairly common. Insurance companies are business entities. Their profit is directly affected by how much they pay out in claims. Reducing payouts is a main objective and their agents will sometimes bend the rules to accomplish a better rating with the parent company.

Read more about insurance disputes.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims are when a doctor or other medical professional does not adhere to the standards of the medical industry and, as a result, harms a patient. In a lot of these types of cases, this harm could be concealed. Even if a patient believes there is a mistake, they might not want to second guess their doctor or get them into trouble with the law. Or, they might think they don't have a case at all or that no one can help.

It is important to understand that medical mistakes are far more common that you might suspect. A lot of them happen in the emergency room where things are hectic and shortcuts are taken.

Read more about medical malpractice.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury is internal damage to the brain from a violent movement of the head, whiplash, or a blow to the head. Often these injuries are caused by car accidents, motorcycle accidents, assaults and falls. These kinds of accidents are often called "struck by" accidents. A traumatic brain injury caused by a struck by accident is normally when something strikes the head, like falling construction debris and similar accidents. A TBI can also be caused by sports activities and often result in concussions.

Read more about traumatic brain injuries.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip an fall accidents, or commonly called, trip slip and fall accidents, go hand in hand with Montana snowy winters. All fo the the ice and snow that comes each year increases the frequency of trip and fall accidents. A "slip and fall injury" is when a person slips, trips or falls due to dangerous conditions on someone else's property. Most of the time, the owner of the property is held liable for these types of injuries.

A good general rule used is if the owner of the property was previously aware of dangerous or hazardous conditions and if it was their responsibility to maintain the area's safety.

Learn more about slip & fall accidents

Dog Bite Injuries

Even the tamest dog can sometimes act violently when it feels its territory is threatened. In fact, many owners rely on this aggressive tendency to protect their property.

But an animal that is improperly restrained or confined can represent a danger to the public. Dog owners who allow their pets to roam or otherwise act irresponsibly will be found at fault.

Most animal bite injuries result in claims against an individual or a homeowner's policy. Either can result in a lawsuit.

Read more about dog bite injuries

Burn Injuries

Modern medical treatments for serious burn injuries have increased the chances of survival after an accident. Victims can now receive extensive skin grafts, physical therapy to restore movement, and even major reconstructive surgery. Unfortunately, this comes at much higher costs.

With 2.5 million burn injuries in the U.S. a year (half requiring hospitalization), this is an active area of law. Clients are concerned about recovering money for immediate and continuing medical treatments and getting compensation for scarring that will never heal.

Click here for more about burn injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Poor drivers are protected in their steel cars with safety belts, air bags and crumple zones. Without these protections, motorcycle riders must rely on their wits. The freedom and pleasure we get from riding makes sharing the road with idiots bearable, but only just. Anyone who rides has seen drivers on cell phones with a coffee cup in one hand and the other busy adjusting the radio -- maybe even putting on their makeup or changing clothes.

Even the most careful motorcyclist is vulnerable to these folks. And we always lose any accident we get into – that's just a fact of physics.

Read more about motorcycle accidents.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death law is based on negligence. Although all deaths are tragic, not all are the direct or indirect result of another's actions. A wrongful death lawsuit will hinge on proving full or partial fault.

In almost all cases, the manner of death is determined by the civil authorities who issue a death certificate. However, who is at fault is usually much harder to determine. A wrongful death attorney will look closely at the circumstances surrounding the death to see what evidence is available and whether or not someone other than the deceased was partly at fault.

Learn more about wrongful death.

Dangerous Drugs

In the quest for faster, better, and more powerful medications, companies may sometimes be pressured by profits to overlook or underestimate the harm medications can cause. Modern pharmaceutical marketing is partially about getting a product to consumers as quickly as possible. This is important because there are limits on how long a company can hold patent rights – eventually, their product will "go generic" and profits will fall precipitously.

Generally, our protection lies with a knowledgeable physician who understands the possible consequences of the drugs they prescribe. Unfortunately, physicians may have to rely on incomplete information or studies that do not reflect the larger population who eventually get the medication.

Read more about dangerous drugs here.

Nursing Home Abuse

One of the more tragic types of cases seen at Neuhardt Law is when an elderly person is being mistreated while under the care of nursing home staff. These are the respected parents and grandparents who rely on professional care to meet their daily nutritional, emotional and health care needs. When frail and vulnerable seniors are trapped in a situation where they are being neglected or outright abused, something has to be done.

The excuses are many: overworked or underpaid staff, expensive care and the worst – an uncooperative or "combative" senior. How is a loved one to know where the truth fits in when they are told repeatedly that their mother "fell out of bed" or "fights with staff?" It may take a careful examination of records, an expert opinion and testimony to properly ferret out wrongdoing.

Learn more about nursing home abuse.

Long Term Disability

It may be surprising, but most long term disabilities (about 90%) are due to illness, not accidents. Top on the list are strained muscles and backs, followed by a tie between nerve damage and circulation disorders. Cancer comes in at fourth place.

With this picture of long term disabilities arising from disease rather than sudden accidental injury, the 'one in three' statistic starts to make more sense. You don't have to climb ladders or lift heavy items to have a stroke. Any number of random ills can keep someone out of work for several months.

Read more about long-term disability.



Recent Testimonials

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